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Monday, August 4, 2008


There's nothing like the thrill of a couple finding out that they're expecting a little bundle of joy. The anticipation of pregnancy can tend to cause anxiety and there are thousands of books out there to help re-assure the parents to be. None do it with quite as much humor as Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips. Filled with hilarious, indispensable advice on getting through the next 9 months, it makes waiting for baby a blast!

Once the baby has arrived, it's important that both parents contribute equally. Take the guess work out what who should do what with The Wheel of Responsibility. Let the wheel decide who will change that dirty diaper, handle the 3am feeding, read boring baby books, beg the in-laws for help and more! The wheel's slogan is Have fun! Stay un-divorced!

Parenthood really is all about having fun - right? The New Parents Fun Book by Wry Baby is filled with fun activities to keep mom & dad laughing all through their little darling's first year. Activities like curse word puzzle, fun with poop and nap-off board game will fill all those spare moments that new parents have.

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