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Friday, August 1, 2008


I am so happy to be back in Curtsyland! I returned from Florida last night. My mom is facing some pretty serious health problems right now and I was so glad that I was able to stay with her and give her both emotional and physical support. It's tough, especially with a business to run. Luckily, my kids are so amazing, they made the choice to stay quite easy. They assurred me that I could stay as long as I needed to. Being my business partner, Danielle had the lion's share of the burden and she came through like the tough cookie she is! She did a brilliant job of re-organizing most of the store and our entire back room and my desk while I was gone. She is a constant source of inspiration to me and I want to be just like her when I grow up.

I had dinner with an old friend in Florida and we went to hang out at his apartment afterwards. I noticed he had a couple of set of juggling balls on the table and challenged him to try and teach me. I am not one of those hand-eye coordinated people to whom things like juggling come easy. In fact, like many things in my life, it takes me a lot of practice, perserverance and accidents before I get it. He claimed he could teach me in 5 minutes. Well, it's almost 2 weeks later and I'm getting better, and I can even throw and catch all 3 balls without dropping them, but I can't quite get the whole rthym right to keep it going. I'm not giving up - I'm stubborn and determined and I WILL TRIUMPH OVER THOSE DAMN BALLS! Next time you're in - ask to see my progress!

Wedding season still seems to be in full swing - I've had brides and people shopping for brides all over the store today. A beautiful wedding gift which will be treasured for years to come is the Lovebirds Frame by jewlery designer Kenneth Jay Lane. I love that the little lovebirds are pearlized with crystal tails - very sparkly!

Well, that's it for today - I'm still trying to make it through the paperwork mountain that is covering my newly organized desk.


Curtsy Mama

Mary Jo


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