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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Welcome New Curtsy Girl Pamela!

Danielle and I will be heading to the New York International Gift Fair next week. We're always so excited to go and do what we do best - shop! Even though the gift fair is fun, it's absolutely huge and pretty exhausting, but we're always so exhilarated to scope out cool new finds for the store. While we're gone, the store will be manned by Curtsy Girls SarahRose and Pamela. Pamela is the newest addition to the Curtsy family and we are so excited to welcome her! She's a dear friend of mine and I know she will do a fabulous job while we're gone. We spent the day today going through all of the different merchandise currently in Curtsyland. We have over 300 different vendors that we deal with, so learning it all is a truly herculean task!

In showing Pam all of the Curtsy goods, I was able to take the time to re-visit some our card lines and I was reminded what an extensive selection we have! Letter writing is becoming a lost art with the ease of e-mails. We have such fabulous, flirty, sexy cards, why not send a sexy little love note to your latest crush? Seal it with the Lips Wax Seal from Freund Meyer. That way you'll insure that all those naughty little suggestions you write will be seen by his or her eyes only.

We received a new shipment from our friends at Personalized Pacifiers today. I wish I knew somebody having a baby, as this McDrooly pacifier cracks me up. These are a mom-friendly, fashionable way to identify your child's binky.


Curtsy Mama

Mary Jo


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