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Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's my party & I will wear a princess hat if I want to...

Last night we had a FABULOUS dinner at Pair (restaurant around the corner which we raved about before...def go there!) to celebrate my brother's birthday. Our divine January customer of the month was also dining at Pair....she was enjoying the company of all the mom's from her kid's 2nd grade class....we love running into our customers outside of Curtsyland! Tonight we are heading to an Italian restaurant in Kirkland named Lucia's. They have live music every Thursday night....tonight should be amazing because it is my brother providing the sweet sounds! He will be playing trumpet and I am so looking forward to it...he is amazing! We will give you all more of a heads-up next time he will be playing there.....more the merrier (and he gets paid well for these gigs....more peeps there to see him = they keep asking him back! ;-))

We received an adorable birthday party hat line in....It's My Party Hat! As with most of our fancy toppers....they are made with little ones in mind but it is us big kids that love them just as much. These hats are definitely big enough to fit most heads. My favorite ones are for the Birthday Princess....complete with a veil! They come in dark pink & light pink. Another style is leopard trimmed with pink marabou and reads Happy Birthday Princess in pink letters....the i's dotted with pink jewels.

We received a bunch that are first birthday specific and are freakin' adorable ;-) They are trimmed in big fabulous, fluffy pom poms and say 1st Birthday. The line also includes a great selection for boys in navy colors and classic birthday colors.



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