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Friday, April 18, 2008

New Glitter

The Captain and I are busy packing our apartment! Very excited to move but hate the process. The Captain unfortunately has to be out of town for Army during the move....he will be in the desert in Cali unreachable by phone or email for three weeks. Our new place is much, much is a two bedroom, and the Captain and I both have big plans for the extra space. I think he may be expecting to come home to a whole bedroom in which he can work & screenprint.....I am thinking I may surprise him with a whole bedroom converted into a closet full of my pretty shoes & clothes & handbags.

I have been sneaking into Curtsyland in the mornings to unpack goodies and get them out on the sales floor. We received amazing new glittery, sparkling glass glitter pieces in from the Wendy Addison Collection. I love, love, love each of them and need one of each for our new place! The shipment included large glitter wall hangings in new anchor, a horseshoe, a fleur de lis, and a skeleton key. We also got little glitter ornaments in each of the mentioned shapes plus a swirly heart.

The Wendy Addison pieces weren't the only glitter we glitter tiara hair combs arrived!! As with many of our other goodies....these are made with little girls in mind - but I bet they will fly out the door adorning the pretty heads of girls all ages.....I am considering wearing one every single day. We also received fun sets of stretchy pearl bracelets....they come in white, pink, purple & blue.



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