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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Saw the Sign....

I ordered a new A-board sign for the store last week. Our old sign was the victim of a hit and run and had been looking decidedly lopsided for weeks! The Captian got busy and designed a Curtsilicious new sign for us. When I contacted the sign company, I told them that it was a 4 X 3 sign, because... well because I thought it was! OK, OK, I didn't bother to measure the old one!! I went to pick up the new sign on Tuesday and was thrilled at how wonderful and well...BIG it was! The Captain's graphics turned out amazing and well...BIG!! When I got to the store I asked Danielle to come help me unload it from the car, we started laughing so hard, because it's so, well...BIG!! Danielle is 5'3" tall and the sight of her trying to carry this sign in and out of the store is rather comical. Luckily, she's pretty strong. Anyways, the new sign is definitely visible and will help everyone find their way to Curtsyland!

We received a new shipment of Tarina Tarantino goodies today. Even though Mother Nature keeps screwing with our heads and telling us it's still winter, we know better! It's Spring damn it!!! I'm ready to wear sandals and pack away my winter coats.

The new Lucite Teardrop Earrings and Carved Rose Bead Earrings will help you bust out of the winter doldrums. The Silver Cherub & Bead Drop Earrings will make a fabulous Mother's Day gift for the hippest of moms. There are a few other new pieces in this shipment and Danielle will be getting them all out tomorrow.

They held another Mommy Mixer here last night and the store was packed with moms desperate to find sitters. So many of the moms just want a date with their husband! The next Mommy Mixer is scheduled for Wednesday, May 28th at 7PM. If you're interested in signing up click on this link and it will take you to their website

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