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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Eat, Drink & Be Married

Apologies!! I wrote the blog last night and forgot to post it before heading out for more birthday festivities. It was a long night of "passing the boot" at a local German pub.....definitely not a favorite activity for a germaphobe like myself ;-) I can't imagine beer has a high enough alcohol content to kill the germs of everyone drinking out of it. Big Happy Birthday to our friend Brandon though......I suppose you are worth all the cooties!!

More wedding goodies arrived today! Be sure to tell any brides-to-be in your life to come to Curtsyland.....we have a fabulous wedding section right now with all of the Mindy Weiss bridal collection, our bridal lingerie, and now the Eat, Drink & Be Married goodness. We received a wonderful bridesmaid gift.......a ring shaped Bridesmaid flask!! While weddings are almost always a happy, joyous event for all involved....being a bridesmaid can be quite stressful. Now you can ensure that your wonderful, giving girlfriends keep wedding on the mind even when self-medicating.

Also from the Eat, Drink & Be Married collection.....fabulously large diamond cocktail picks! Perfect for the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or the reception....they come packaged in a set of 12 in a cute gift box. We also received Eat, Drink & Be Married coaster sets. Again in a set of 12.....they come packaged in an adorable faux diamond ring.

Mommy Mixer at Curtsyland tomorrow night!! This one is already closed to sure to get your name on the list asap for the next one on May 28th. Find out more info about this fabulous company and sign up here. When you attend a Mommy Mixer, you will leave with oodles of babysitting contacts....and you can shop til you drop as the Curtsy Girls offer a Mommy Mixer shopping discount ;-)



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