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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Springtime brings ring time! Lots of weddings are in the works around town...and we adore being a tiny part of the special day by providing the Bride & her Maids with fun goodies. Just this evening, I got to see one of our favorite Brides-to-be before her big day this Friday. She was running around finishing up last minute of those being the need for the gorgeous Mary Green Down the Aisle garter. Congrats again to Brooke & Derrick!!!!

If you happen to be responsible for making the Bachelorette shindig unforgettable...we just received Bachelorette Party Lotto, which includes over 100 scratch-n-play games for the lucky lady. Each scratch-off card includes a sassy set of dares for the bachelorette and her bridesmaids to complete throughout the evening. The booklet also contains temporary tattoos to up the sass-factor.

To make your bachelorette party really turns heads that night....we suggest decking everyone out in Classy Bride's bling boyfriend tanks and knee high tube socks. We have always stocked these tanks & socks for everyone in the bridal party...bride, maid of honor, bridesmaid, etc. But we just received them for the Bachelorette & the Bachelorette Party. If everyone will be getting fancy for the festivities...these would be divine to climb into after being in heels all night, while you wind-down and giggle over pictures!



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