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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't Cry Baby!

Those babies....always crying! What's a parent to do? Always have a supply of stylish, cute funny pacifiers on hand. Do you know that the Mayo Clinic reports that researchers have reported an association of pacifier use during sleep and a reduced risk of SIDS? We love some of the new additions from Personalized Pacifiers. Whine Connoisseur, Flirt, I Party Naked and Mute Button are just some of the fund new styles we've received in this shipment.

One of our favorite local companies is Emile Sloan. Founded by Seattlite Lisa Murphy, the products are manufactured with 5 key principles in mind. They must be stylish, functional, have a rain-proof exterior, not scream "I'm a re-usable grocery tote", and be able to carry anything from groceries to files from work. The line has expanded from the totes offered in the beginning to include Cosmetic Bags and Lunch Totes. The patterns are pretty and the products are so well constructed.

For his fan club, here's the latest update on Snicker dog. The vet has diagnosed him with Cushing's Disease. We haven't quite yet decided on which course of action to take as he's an old guy with some other health problems. We're just trying to get him to sleep for more than an hour at night (I'm getting really, really tired!). We tried Valium last night and it too had the opposite effect, causing him to want to rumba around the living room at midnight. Dr. Sarah Barnhardt at Ravenna Animal Hospital is his vet and she is just so wonderful. She has spent so much time helping me to try to figure out a solution to the whole sleep thing and has seen us through quite a few other health problems. I've very grateful to her.

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