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Friday, February 6, 2009


I knew the title would get your attention! Valentine's Day is a week from tomorrow (wasn't it just Christmas yesterday?). You know the Curtsy Girls like fun, playful things and the Sex Box of Questions is both. A fun date night activity with your significant other or a great activity for those girls only chatter fests. It's guaranteed fun either way you use it.

The Why I Must Have Sex With You Pad helps you put your desire for love into words. The folks at Knock Knock have listed just about every reason there is to let that someone special know what's on your mind. Some of my favorites from the list are "Just friends isn't working out" "Meditation makes me horny" and "Because I'm uniquely flexible". They even give you levels of desire on the bottom - Please, Pretty Please, I'll Pay You & Or Else. The pad of 60 sheets will give you the chance to try out lots of the reasons :).

Poor Snick dog is a bit pitiful tonight. He's been going through a rough patch lately and getting me up every hour and a half at night to go outside. Makes it really tough to get a good night's sleep. He's 13 1/2 now and the vet wanted to do some blood tests on him, so he had to spend the day over at Ravenna Animal Hospital. I know they are all wonderful over there, but he just howled and howled when I picked him up. Typical beagle! I won't know the results until next week, but I'll keep you updated.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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