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Monday, February 9, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!

Poor Marie Antoinette, even though it has been reported through history that upon hearing that the local peasants had no bread that she uttered "then let them eat cake", apparently she never really did say those words. Whatever. It's one of those unflatteringquirks of history. She was an extraordinarily beautiful womansand we love her imade on this cool littke Pocket Mirror from Tokyomilk. Perfect size to tuck in your purse or evening bag.

Let Them Eat Cake is also one of our favorite fragrances from the same company. Made from a lucious mixture of sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid and white musk, it smells yummy! I just read last week that guys are attracted to the smell of vanilla more than any other fragrance or perfume.....interesting huh?

Update on Snicker dog - they perscribed a tranquilizer for me to try with him at night. I started on Friday night by giving him just one and he was still up all night. Saturday night I gave him 2 (per the instructions) and it was like WHOO HOOO - PARTY!! No sleep, just up and down ALL NIGHT LONG. I tried them one last time during the day on Sunday and this resulted in howling and just basically craziness. Guess we'll be not trying those again.


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