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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Queen of My Heart

Hope you all had a divine Super Bowl Sunday! I am from Arizona and while not exactly a football devotee...I was certainly wishing & hoping for a Cardinals victory. My dad & step mom have been Cardinals season tickets holders for years so they made their way over to sunny Florida to catch the game in person. I tried to spot them on camera all day but was not so lucky...crazy ;) Sooooo...while my Arizona heart was slightly broken come Sunday evening....I thoroughly enjoyed watching such an exciting game. We attended a big shindig at "the boy's house," rather the house that all of the Captain's Footy mates dwell in. They recently converted an old GE fridge into a kegerator...very fancy....and just acquired a great bar complete with stools. There is a large tip jar on the bar for "The General" (as it is a GE fridge). I can't tell you how many times I was told that "If you are good to the General....the General will be good to you!" Good to know....not a huge beer fan but the boys and the General seem to be treating each other grandly.

This weekend we had an order hand delivered to us that we have been anxiously awaiting... absolutely marvelous glitter candles and prints from Queen of My Heart! We crossed paths with designer Paisley Buescher while in LA. We instantly fell in love with her art and wanted to write an order asap. Come to find out that Miss Paisley lives up in Sammamish and has had many a friends & customers tell her that her art would fit in wonderfully in Curtsyland! I didn't get any of it out on the floor this weekend as we were waiting for a few final pieces from her. Well.....her goodies just sitting behind the counter have been getting snatched up right & left! We received the rest of our order today so it will be available as eye candy tomorrow. While she was visiting this weekend we got to talking about some dancer totes she may be making soon and I mentioned I grew up dancing and have recently been taking a ballet class. Well today she arrived with a little Ta-dah! dancer votive just for yours truly...I was so tickled:)

Anyways...the votives we have for the store have gorgeous images of queens & princesses & dreamers & bejeweled lovelies....and are contained in yummy colors of mercury glass with glitter accents. And my favorite from Queen of My Heart are the prints! Each are sized 9 1/2 x 16" and feature an image of one of her lovelies...usually black & white with color accents. Each has a banner that hangs beside the image with the most fabulous quotes, e.g., "I was going to do something to change the world today.....but something sparkly caught my eye," or " Wear pink, make the boys wink." LOVE.



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