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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fancy Facebook

The Captain called yesterday to alert me of the fact that my Curtsy Mama just officially became très cooler than me. You see...he received a Facebook friend request from my mom and has been insisting that I create a page for myself for months now. And I certainly have been meaning to. But seeing as I have a Myspace page that I average a login about every four months....I just haven't gotten around to it. My internet crack is fashion blogs....I am so addicted to oodles & oodles of them that I put off necessary things like returning emails, or balancing my bank account, or creating personal pages on friend sites. So obviously my priorities are a wee bit out of wack. I guess Curtsy Mama getting on the Facebook train was just the nudge I needed to jump on board as of today my Wall is available to write on! addition to myself & Curtsy Mama being cool...Curtsyland is uber cool and has been for a few months now. The Captain created our Facebook page awhile back and we adore all our fans. But in my typical internet fashion....I didn't know the login for the store page so I have not been logging in to update it regularly. I imagine now though between myself & Curtsy Mama being Facebook savvy, our page will start receiving lots of love. Sooooo...I would be tickled pink if all our Curtsy Friends become our Facebook Friends as well! Here is a link to our fancy Facebook page if you are in fact cool yourself ;)



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