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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Shoes for the Moving Blues

Quick post tonight! I don't have internet service...(or time!) blog at our new place just yet - still surrounded by cardboard ;-( I am catching up Curtsyland today and am so excited as our new Jessica Kagan Cushman bangles arrived today!!! Her new styles are bright and colorful and perfect for spring and summer. Each bangle is made out of hand poured resin, hand inked and hand finished...truly a work of art and a great conversation piece. They all have fun, witty phrases on them....."All this and brains too"....."We'll always have Paris"....."You are so off my buddy list." And my personal that could not have arrived at a better time too....reads "New shoes cure the blues." As we mentioned before - our new place needed a bit of work.....a lot of work actually. But it is a fantastic location and our rent is so much less than we were paying before. With all the money we will be saving each month....I can shop more. You have no idea how motivating extra monthly shoe $$ is when renovating a place. And I have a whole extra bedroom for all of my new shoes!!!! So.....the end is in sight and I am going to put on my new Jessica Kagan Cushman bangle and have sweet dreams of shiny new stilettos and a clean, organized apartment.



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