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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Anniversary Sale Date Moved!!

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are having to move our anniversary sale and after hours bash to Friday May 9th. On that day we will celebrate 2 years in business with a big thanks to our fabulous customers by taking 20% off everything in the store.. We'll also be hosting an after hours bash for all those who are on our e-mail list. We only send out one e-mail a month, so if you're not yet signed up, do it now....go ahead - I'll don't you feel better?

It's been a crazy busy day at Curtsyland - no complaints, I love it when it's like that! But tonight's blog will be a short one. One of the gifts I wrapped up today was a copy of Casino Confidential - A Pit Boss's Guide to Beating the House. Sounds like someones heading to Vegas for their birthday. The author of this book is listed as "Anonymous" as it was written by a veteran pit boss and dealer. I still remember my first trip to Vegas when I was 21 - all the guys in my office helped to educate me so I wouldn't be a total nimrod when we got there. I was at the craps table putting my new knowledge to use when my girlfriends came to get me for dinner. I had been winning, but I cashed in my little stack of chips, while several of the guys at the table tried to convince me to stay. I just smiled and giggled and headed off with my posse. When we returned later in the evening, the pit boss who had been working that area told me I should never leave while I was winning and some of those guys who were trying to get me to stay would have given me money to keep rolling the dice (here I thought they thought I was cute) - can we say naive?

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