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Monday, April 28, 2008

New Purse Goods!

Sorry about the absence of a blog on Friday. Last week was all about getting Danielle ready to move and we were frantically painting the new place in preparation for yesterday's move. I'm in good shape, working out 5 days a week, but painting kicked my ass! Every muscle in my entire body is SORE!!! I had to laugh after finishing on Saturday, I had paint on my jeans, in my hair, in my ear and belly button....Danielle on the other hand had a little on her hands - HOW DOES SHE DO THAT??? With the help of many friends, we completed the move yesterday, so hopefully things can begin to return to normal this week.

Just in time for Mother's Day we received a new shipment from Triple C Designs. The business card holders in new pretty designs and colors for spring double as the perfect place to stash a credit card and driver's license for a night out. How's this for a gift idea? Get your mom one of the cases and then actually take her out somewhere so she can use it! One year for Christmas, my son Josh gave me the gift of a night out with him. We went to The Triple Door for dinner and a show and it was a one of the best gifts I've ever received!!
The new wallets from Triple C have a pretty crystallized charm on the front. This cool embellishment really makes them stand out from the blah department store wallets that have no personality at all. In addition to the new wallets and business card cases, we received new purse hangers and a few "purse lights" (clip them inside that giant bag of yours so you can actually SEE what's lurking in the depths). If your purse is anything like mine, it can be downright scary in there!
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