Adventures in Curtsyland!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Alfresco already!!

Curtsy Mama spent her whole day off painting away at our new place...what a doll is she??!? The Captain and I took on quite a project.....and as I mentioned the other day - he is conveniently out of town during all of this!! Our new place is owned by a friend's father. It needed some work done before moving in....he is giving us a great deal on it and agreed to reimburse us for any work we do. The entire interior needed a fresh coat of Curtsy Mama & I and anyone we can recruit are playing painters in all that free time we have ;-)

While I was playing at Curtsyland today....a gigantic order arrived from Murval Paris. We received fabulously fashionable picnic sets.....I imagine you all are just as anxious as us for it to be warm enough to dine alfresco. The set includes everything you need to have a perfect romantic or family outing. It has a huge insulated section...then the front unzips to reveal flatware, plates, cloth napkins, & wine/juice glasses for four, plus a corkscrew, S&P shakers, a cutting board and a knife. We got them in zebra trimmed in pink, and giraffe trimmed in green (and all the accessories color coordinate!) You will definitely be the chicest girl at the park all spring & summer!!

If you happen to be Francophiles like us Curtsy will adore our fancy new glasses. We received wine glasses and champagne flutes that have an Eiffel Tower stem. We also got pink cosmetic cases adorned with the Eiffel Tower......they are wonderfully big and come in a set of three.



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