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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wishful Thinking

The Captain and I just finished watching a movie titled Eagle vs. was odd and has Jemaine Clement in it from Flight of the Conchords. I highly recommend checking out Flight of the Conchords if you have never heard/seen them....they are hilarious & amazing! The Captain was Jemaine for Halloween....he stayed in character all night....Marie Antoinette didn't like that.

Today was full of wishes at Curtsyland......we wished for sunny skies, we wished we owned every piece of the new Tarina Tarantino spring collection (of which the catalog just arrived....AMAZING!)....and we received the new Make a Wish collection from Bethany Lowe. Bethany Lowe creates many of the wonderful goodies we carry for every holiday. They just started doing some everyday collections for weddings, babies, and making wishes!

My favorite piece from the Make a Wish collection is the wand.......seriously - who doesn't adore wands?!? It is made of pressed paper, decoupage, crepe and glitter on a wooden stick adorned with bells. Perfect to stick inside a bouquet of flowers for a friend or as a party favor for the guest of honor. We also have a Make a Wish crown....the size is adjustable and it can be worn or used as decoration. If you put the crown on while holding the will most likely have an uncontrollable desire to sing Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.

The last two Make a Wish goodies are is a gorgeous star that would look amazing at every place setting at a dinner party. The other is cake....the top comes off to reveal a box underneath. Great gift box for a small present or table decoration. And a perfect complement for all this wishful thinking....our roll of wish tickets by F.G. & Co. It is a roll of 100 tickets with a tag that reads "If I had a hundred wishes, I would give them all to you."



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