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Thursday, March 6, 2008

So glad you were born....

Spring must be the best time to have babies. In addition to oodles of baby gifts flying out the door, we are wrapping oodles & oodles of birthday gifts....for people born a while ago...but still in spring I mean ;-) As you well know....we Curtsy Girls adore birthdays. Which is why we are so head-over-heels for the new Happy Birthday collection by Rosanna! The collection includes a set of four dessert plates, a set of four mugs, and a tea-for-one (individual size teacup and teapot set). Each is festively adorned with images of yummy birthday cakes and reads "Happy Birthday to you." What a perfect way to create a tradition of annual celebration when you pull them out year after year! And for the icing and sprinkles on top.....when you stack the adorable gift boxes each piece comes in - they look like the perfect cake!

We received cute new girly gifts for little ones whom are actually just and black booties with pearl straps!! Yet another item I would totally prance around in if I was size 0-6 months. We also got three different styles of princess socks in.
They have a jeweled crown on the toe, and come in three colors...each has a cute message on the bottom of the sock. The black socks read "Future Heiress"....the fuchsia socks read "Teeny Queenie".....and the light pink socks read "Little Princess."



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