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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More on Mor

The other week Curtsy Mama told you about the arrival of the AMAZING Fruits of Cornucopia Imperia collection by Mor Cosmetics. She had a bunch of other goodies to report about that day, so I have been meaning to give you more details. This was definitely one of my favorite orders we placed for this spring. I have been a fan of Mor Cosmetics for a long time and have been wanting to start carrying them in Curtsyland. While wandering in Atlanta....we laid eyes upon Mor's new Imperia Collection and seriously fell head-over-heels!! It is so Curtsylicious.....the sales rep even thought the outfit I was wearing that day perfectly complemented all of the packaging and was sure we did in fact need to have it in Curtsyland ;-)

My favorite piece is the Bathing Elixir which comes in an amazing black glass decanter. Mor describes the Imperia Collection as "A Cornucopia of lush scents from bygone times. Flowers of Narcissus amidst hushed temple ruins, immortal offerings from the Garden of Hespera. God or Goddess, nymph or mortal, immerse yourself in the heady strains of mystical, classic mythology." There are three scents in this collection.....Flowers of Narcissus, Garden of Hespera, and Fruits of Cornucopia which is scent we rushed in. We will most likely bring in the rest of the range ASAP...until then, the rest of the Fruits of Cornucopia goodies to get you hooked include....

- Hand & Body Milk.....sooooooo in love with the packaging. Hurry in to try the tester....I am addicted and can stop testing it ;-)
- Hand & Body Wash....a luxurious companion to the Hand & Body Milk....perfect gift or house warming present
- Body Cream......LOVE this lotion - it is infused with botanical extracts of Ivy, Hawthorn, and Yarrow and feels just like a silky cocoon
- Black Glycerin Body soap!! It is triple milled and has a Shea Butter base....uber yummy



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