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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Magic Fortune Teller

I love, love the new Magic Fortune Teller by Chronicle Books that we just got in. A perfect gift for those difficult to buy for tween birthdays. Kids just ask a question, press the button, and watch the lights whirl until they come to rest on an answer. Each page features a different fortune-telling method—crystal balls, tea leaves, magical creatures, lucky numbers, and more! Readers can also flip to the back of the book to create their own fortune cookie-style fortunes.

This morning my horoscope said the following "It's one of those days that seems to cry out for you to take a stand." So...I've had to confront a repairman who's picture is in the dictionary under the word "prick" - truly it is - look it up! I've had to get tough with 2 suppliers who don't seem to understand why I'm testy that I've got merchandise that came damaged and I've paid for... but they haven't bothered to replace yet.... hmmm you really can't understand why that makes me testy? Add to that dealing with trying to track down an individual who passed us a stolen check ! Weird that it would be so accurate! Luckily, I'm not timid............ I've always believed in treating people how I'd like to be treated - karma can be a bitch right??

A new assortment of hand painted containers arrived today from Jaye's Creations. We are expecting quite a bit more in the coming weeks and these first few pieces have really whet our appetite! The pink tiger striped napkin holder and scalloped oval basket would be perfect for that spring brunch - yummy!

You know us, we absolutely can't resist anything sparkly. We found these pretty little bracelets tucked in a corner of one of our suppliers at the Atlanta Gift Mart. They only cost $1, which makes it so fun to mix and match a whole arm-ful - oooohhh...pretty!!

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