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Monday, March 3, 2008

Easter's Coming!

When my kids were growing up, my ex-mother in law always did Easter in a big way. It was her favorite holiday and every year we'd drive down to her home in Phoenix for the day. The house would be all decked out in it's Easter best when we arrived. She would hide eggs, have all kinds of games planned which we ALL had to participate in and where everyone would get a prize, not just the winner. This continued every year, even when the kids were teenagers. Sadly, she passed away a while back, but the memories of all those Easter Sundays spent with her are something my kids still cherish. My kids are adults now, but they still love to come to my house for an egg hunt and Easter brunch. I now hide plastic eggs with lottery tickets in them and even though I live in an apartment, every year, there are some eggs that no one can find (I'm a very creative egg-hider!). For us the day is all about enjoying some time together.

Danielle has decked out the store with all kinds of glitterati to help you get in the spring spirit. Glitter eggs, sparkly garland - lots of items to give your home a bit of a boost. We also have lots of little goodies in our kids section that are

Snickers and I definitely doing the happy dance today! The stroller that the gals at Unleashed Pawsabilities ordered for me came. I thought he might kind of freak out when I put him in it for the first time, but he just sat there and looked at me with a look that said push me already! They have moved his surgery up to a week from tomorrow and I'm just trying to keep him quiet so he doesn't injure the other leg. He's been getting pretty bummed that I won't let him walk at all. Tomorrow, I think we'll have to do a loop around Green Lake, just so he can get some fresh air.

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