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Sunday, March 2, 2008

How's your va-jay jay

Long weekend of recovering from too much fun!! As Curtsy Mama told you....we spent Friday night in Olympia celebrating the Captain's Mom's birthday. We had an absolute blast. The birthday girl brought out some home movies that the Captain and his brother made when they were kids......those provided a good hour of hurt-your-cheeks, calorie-burning, eyes watering, about-to-pee-your-pants giggle fits. I woke up Saturday not really recalling how I made it into bed at all....with pajamas on and make-up off(!) darling mother (and boyfriend's mother) have never seen me be such a lush!! ;-)

On Friday, we received a new card line from Naughty Betty. We couldn't wait to share these gems so we picked one out for the birthday girl. The front reads "As long as our minds are perky, who cares what our boobs look like".....inside reads "Happy Birthday to someone who stills has the whole package." My absolute fav card from this line says "How's your va-jay jay" on the front....and the inside says "Enough about you tell me about that beautiful new baby."

Naughty Betty provides the perfect words for you newly divorced friend....birthday wishes for your most fabulous gay guy friend.....friendship fuzzies for the gal that knows you better than your gyno after your annual pap smear....and sweet sentiments for the guy that has a bald spot you ignore in exchange for him ignoring your muffin top. Their mission: "To talk honestly with kindred female spirits. To spark a laugh between friends. And to prove that in greeting cards and in life, nothing is funnier than the truth."



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