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Monday, March 10, 2008


The Captain and I spent the weekend down in Olympia with his family. We met everyone at Chuck E Cheese on Saturday to celebrate the birthdays of the Captain's niece & nephew. I soooo wish the fabulous goodies from Molly 'N Me that arrived today would have come before we left......I definitely would have taken some for the birthday girl (& the birthday boy although not sure he would love them quite as much as I would hope). These goodies are sparkling shimmer crowns and scepters....they are too much fun! Each comes in six different colors - pale pink, blue, green, purple, orange & magenta - and are adorned with jewels. The crowns even have some little hanging gems. I'm not sure the pics I took capture the sparkle of these royal accessories....I assure you they are glittericious. Also from Molly 'N Me.....adorable bath gels that come in jeweled lipstick and high heel shaped cases!!

One more little Easter surprise arrived today...and I am so glad they did as they are ridiculously cute. Little fluffy chicks that come in four colors...perfect to decorate your Easter table or scatter around anywhere. Only ten days 'til the spring is officially here.....hooray!



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