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Friday, March 7, 2008

Wedddings & Snakes

Wedding Season must be upon us. We've had a day of wrapping gifts for couples saying "I Do". The Wedding Day Survival Kit will insure that the bride has the tools to fend off any disaster on her special day. Inside the reusable tote are 30 must have items such as a mending kit, stain remover, super glue and extra wedding bands. The case is topped of with a giant "diamond" for that extra bit of bling.

Need a wedding gift for the happy couple? You can never go wrong with something from the fabulous Rosanna collection. The new Neo Classique line is: "Beautifully designed architectural elements set off by a robin's egg blue background are reminiscent of a villa on the Mediterranean. Column, urn, gate and wrought iron flourish mix and match to remind us of visiting European museums as we travel the places where dwellings are art." Really unique and it's manufactured by a Seattle company! Nice!!

Last night my son and I had dinner over at the Aqua Verde Cafe. Afterward, when I was dropping him off at his house, I ran in to see the new pet of one of his roommates. It's a baby boa constrictor! Luckily, the only snakes I'm afraid of are poisonous ones. This little guys is about 2 1/2 feet long and is actually pretty cute. I got to hold him and he wrapped himself around my arm and squeezed! It was such a weird feeling! I don't think I've ever gotten to see a live snake up so close and personal and he (or she - don't really know which) was pretty amazing. When it was time to go, it had gotten pretty attached to one of my bracelets and for a while, I thought I'd be stuck carrying around a snake on my arm. Probably not great for business. I thought my mom was going to faint just hearing that I was holding a snake - guess she's not much of a reptile fan. I did make him promise NEVER to bring it into the store - although they can't quite understand why anyone wouldn't love the snake........
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