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Monday, February 25, 2008

If it's Not One Thing, it's Your Dog...Part 2

Short blog tonight. Snickers played with his pal Sampson on Saturday night while my pal Jane and I went to see "Mame" at the Fifth. When I picked him up, he was limping. I took the poor old guy to the vet today, and they think he has a torn ACL (a ligament in his knee). He doesn't seem to be in horrible pain, but he's not doing a great job of getting around. He can't climb the stairs to my apartment, so I have to carry him up to the 3rd floor. Thank God I lift weights every day. The vet is recommending surgery, but it's a really expensive proposition, especially considering that we just finished up $1,000 worth of dental surgery. Right now we're just going to keep him quiet and wait and see how he does without the surgery. Instead of writing anymore tonight, I'm going to give him a little extra TLC.

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