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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wild & Outrageous

We have a new line of adorable little framed prints that make fabulous girlfriend gifts! The print that is pictured here says "We don't have to do anything wild and outrageous - let's just look like we could!" Truly words to live, and dress, by. This afternoon one of our customers, Shirley, came in and was buying prizes for a party she was giving. We were asking her about the party and she shared with us that she is throwing herself a 60th birthday party! The guest list was over 100 people and she has all kinds of entertainment and games lined up. It sounds like she's lived a really fascinating life and she wants to celebrate this milestone in her life surrounded by friends and family. What a cool thing to do!

We received a new Tarina shipment this week. After our jewelry sale, we were really low on some of our favorite styles. These Swarovski Crystal Stud Earrings add sparkle to any outfit. Every time I wear these, I get comments - and I wear them a lot as I love all of the different colors they come in! To make room for the new items, we added a couple of Tarina pieces to the sale rack, so you may want to hurry in to see what's on sale!

The girls over at Unleashed Pawsabilities ordered a stroller for Snickers today. I have to keep him off his leg as much as possible until the surgery and even though I'm strong - it's tough carrying 34 pounds of dog down the street. I'm sure there will be an interesting period of adjustment for him - we'll be sure to have the camera handy.


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