Adventures in Curtsyland!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Devil Davids and Shiny Horses

I had a first at Curtsyland today....I wrapped a baby onesie with a positive pregnancy stick ;-) The customer has a sister moving to London and just found out she is preggers. To tell her sister the exciting news.....she bought our Union Jack onesie and handed over the pee stick! Very cute....we will be expecting pics of the little one looking dapper in front of Big Ben while visiting his aunt!

We received the most kick-ass coin banks in today from the same company that makes the wonderful flocked frameboxes that Curtsy Mama told you about previously. My fav is the Devil is a flocked porcelain bank of Michelangelo's David with evil horns and tail, and comes in black and red. Other bank styles include a mustard yellow regal-looking lion (which I am particularly fond of being a Leo), and a fuchsia skull. All very stylish ways to stash and save your dough.

Also from the same company.....fantastical horse jewelry holders! These perfect little equestrian plaques come in shiny silver or pretty pink and can be used simply for decoration, or you can hang your precious jewels on them.



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