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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Metal Morphosis

Beautiful weekend! Curtsy Mama and I both got to enjoy an extra day off this week. I took yesterday off as the Captain finally returned home late Friday night after being in Wisconsin for two weeks. He is quite sick with the flu it was a lazy Saturday. Curtsy Mama is off today as her friend is in town for the weekend...they saw Mame last night and went to the aquarium today.

We received lots of new goodies in from Metal Morphosis, who makes wonderful handcrafted items in 100% pewter and sterling silver. They have a new collection - Trend for Men - which includes great gift items for those hard-to-buy-for boys. My favorite item we got are the cocktail pick holders with matching cocktail picks. We have them in three styles.....dice with poker chip picks....castle with dragon flag picks....and skull with skeleton hand picks. Each holder comes as a set with four picks....we also received packs of extra picks you can buy to add to the holder.

In addition to the fabulous cocktail picks....shot glasses with pewter plaques on them. My favorite reads "What whiskey will not cure, there is no cure." The thought of whiskey actually makes me quite sick still. One of my daily gifts from the Captain while he was away was a bottle of Fireball Whiskey (if we have never let you know....Curtsy Mama and I are OBSESSED with atomic fireball candies). I don't have much of a taste for hard liquor, but the Captain swore it tasted exactly like fireball juice. I tried a cap-full before going to bed....then woke up in the middle of the night sick as a dog. That was actually the beginning of the food poisoning, but at the time I really thought it was the CAP-FULL of whiskey that had done this to me ;-) The Fireball Whiskey does taste like fireball juice, but it will be a LONG time before I feel like trying it again. Other styles of the shot glasses include "Take me drunk, I'm home" and a pic of a mud flap girl.



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