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Friday, February 22, 2008

Roy G Biv

Danielle was a busy little Curtsy Bee today putting out all the spring and Easter goodies. Her eye for merchandising always amazes me - she makes everything look so great, it makes me fall in love with the new stuff all over again. This time of year we get a lot of customers looking for little gifts to stick in an Easter Basket. We found these awesome Egg Lights that will fascinate children of all ages. Turn it on and the egg is an ever changing rainbow of colors. Well, Danielle and I went back and forth all day today about her display. As it's located right at the front of the store, there's quite a bit of light that hits it and make it hard to see the egg changing colors, unless you stare at it for a minute. We finally decided that some type of signage was needed. Danielle has a tendency to speak very softly and after too many years of loud rock and roll, working on construction sites and then around airplanes, my hearing is not the best. She kept telling me what she wanted on the sign, and I couldn't understand what she was saying! "Tell me again" - "I still didn't understand" "SAY IT SLOWER!". Finally she made me understand that what she wanted on the sign was Roy G. Biv....The Egg. Excuse me, Roy G. Biv? Who the hell is Roy G. Biv? Sorry - I had to Google it and apparently everybody, including Wikipedia knows Roy. I graduated from high school and college and read a lot, but there has apparently been a serious gap in my education. Roy G. Biv is the mnemonic for the sequence of hues in a rainbow.....oh yeah - now the sign makes perfect sense!

I picked up our spring order from Rosanna's yesterday and spent the afternoon un-boxing and drooling over everything. I absolutely love the fact that Rosanna's is a local company and I have to tell you, everything from the office staff, to the warehouse guys, to how the products come packaged is first class! One of the new collections we received is the I'd Love to Have set of dessert plates and mugs. " A shimmery dress that's short and flirty with dressy slip-ons? A silk and chiffon dress that's soft and girly and a pair of peep toe shoes?" These sentiments make this the perfect thing to put out when it's girl's night!

Today is the first day since the onset of food poisoning last Monday morning that I have finally felt back to normal and I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY! I would never wish that on my worst enemy (well, maybe one guy name Dan L, but nobody else)!


Curtsy Mama

Mary Jo


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