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Friday, March 14, 2008

Busy day at Curtsyland, so this blog will be a short one. We received boxes and boxes of the Mindy Weiss Wedding Collection, so we have been opening and checking and pricing. We'll have pics on the blog within a day or two and Danielle will have it all out by next week.

With the baby season upon us, we always have a lot of requests for baby shower goodies and decorations. Some of the cutest decorations are from Bethany Lowe. The Welcome Baby Stork Container is irresistible - a stork with a pink of blue heart around their neck standing on top of a miniature hat box. Hang the matching Baby Garland and you're set.

One quick note before I go. Curtsy brother/son Josh's band Change Versus Comfort is playing an all ages show tomorrow night at Roy's Place in Lynnwood. The address is 4926 196th ST SW and the phone number is
425-775-4226. The doors open at 7PM and there are a total of 4 bands playing. CVC will play last at about 10PM. Should be a great show - of course I'm rather biased. They are a fabulous original band - you can either visit their website at or find their myspace page.
Curtsy Mama
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