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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy 2008!!!

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas filled with Curtsylicious gifts under your tree....and a wonderful New Years full of champagne wishes and pink sparkly lip gloss kisses! The Captain and I are struggling to get back in the swing of things. We flew to Arizona to visit family on the 27th....had four days of partying/eating/celebrating....then rushed home to make it to the big bash at EMP. Santa's elves were paying attention when I was wishing, hoping and crossing my fingers for the ostrich loveliness that is a dress which I might have died without. It is very low cut in the front and I got to rock some Nippies!! I chose the black & white striped stars to ring in the New Year.

Back in April, I gave the Captain a Craft Your Own Wine experience from Gallagher's up in Edmonds for his birthday. I got to choose the type of grape and region....I picked a French Merlot. Next, he went in and added the oak, yeast, etc to the juice....let it ferment for about six weeks.....then returned to bottle and cork about 28 bottles of our custom wine. We have been letting the wine age for about six months and planned on giving all our friends and family a bottle for the holidays. The Captain designed an amazing label and printed personalized bags for each recipient. He ordered wine bottle sealing wax...and stamped the top of each bottle with one of the skull & crossbones wax seals from Curtsyland. It was such a fun experience and we definitely recommend it. We also gave a Bottle 'Biner with each guy should be caught without this attached to their belt loop. This handy all-purpose tool insures you never meet a bottle - corked or capped - you can't pop.



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