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Saturday, December 22, 2007

White Elephant.....Voluspa

Crazy Saturday at Curtsyland!! Our hands are covered in cuts and bandages from gift wrap overload ;-) The Captain was running around all day trying to find perfect gifts to bring for our White Elephant exchange on Christmas night. Things get very silly our at annual game.....last year the Captain ended up with a homemade magnet of Ron Burgundy. We upped the dollar amount this year...hopefully that will lead to more desirable items(!) Tons of customers have been in the store the past week looking for a fun goody to bring to their exchange.....definitely our most popular white elephant gift (and probably what I will end up bringing) is the Cock-a-Doodle. It is a notepad with six alternating designs where the doodler is invited to fill in the gaps. Also popular.....the Shame on You Kit and the Clean Getaway Kit - for those nights you just can't make it are prepared! Another fun one is our Striptease Kit. We had a customer buy this kit last week for her parents for their fortieth wedding anniversary.....tee hee!!

We started carrying Voluspa candles which I LUUUUVVVVVVV!!! Right now we have cute little glass candles and votives.....we brought them in for the stocking stuffer party but will definitely be expanding our selection. Voluspa makes some great travel candles in decorative metal bowls which have over 40 hours of burn time. They also do small 3 oz. votives which have over 25 hours of burn time. One of the votive scents we have is Crisp Champagne.....perfect New Year's Party hostess gift!! All of their scents are AAAAHHHHH-MAZING! In addition to candles, we have their Beta Luv Me Parfum in Josephine and Fragaria.....delish! Ooohhh....and the best holiday hostess gift is a candle from the Seasons Collection. The Snowflakes Winter candle is wonderful! And my fav scent is the Makassar, Ebony & Peach Seasons candle. We have a sample of each candle out of the box for your ol' factory enjoyment. (Today we had a customer drop one of the samples and just put it back on the shelf without telling us....there was broken glass shards all over the floor....WTF....nice.) 'Tis the Season....only two more shopping days!!!!!



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