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Friday, December 28, 2007

Can You Train an Old Dog?

Curtsy Dog Snickers is back in residence after spending his December days at daycare. For those of you who know him, Snickers is a 12+ year old Beagle who has his own ideas about everything and tends to be pretty stubborn. When I began bringing him to the store, I had a little leash that I kept him on that limited how far into the store he could go. Well, after a month in daycare, that's not cutting it anymore. Put him on the leash and he cries like the pitiful old soul that he is. So we're trying something different. I moved his bed out in front, by the cash register and am allowing him to come and greet customers when they come into the store. Once he's done that, he seem pretty happy to come back and lay on his bed - no crying! Go figure!

We have recently started carrying Chick Chocolates from Seattle Chocolates. These little pieces of sweet relief come in 4 different adorable boxes - Strong Chick, Extreme Chick, Nutty Chick and Survivor Chick. Each box contains three individually wrapped pieces (loving the built in portion control!). Seattle Chocolates also donates 100% of the profits from the Survivor Chick chocolates to the fight against cancer. I have been working lately at the gym to be able to do 20 push-ups (the military kind, not the girly kind). I finally reached my goal last week (WOO HOO!!)so to celebrate, I treated myself to Strong Chick - cause I am!

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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