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Thursday, December 27, 2007

#@$%* Computer!!!!

Sorry for no blog yesterday. Danielle was running around like a crazy girl to get all the sale stuff grouped together prior to leaving for vacay in Arizona. I, on the other hand, spent the day dealing with another computer crash. Completely sucked to be me yesterday, but I'm over it now. Last crash we were able to do some repairs and save the system, this time - it's "bye-bye" to the old and in with a new unit.

Just so you know, ALL our holiday items are 50% off. The gorgeous John Toole ornaments - half off! Hurry in before they're all gone as we've had quite a few people snatch up a bunch.

After the holidays, many of us are on auto-pilot. We've taken care of everybody else over the past few weeks and neglected our beautiful selves. It's good for the soul to be nourishing to our friends and families, but now we need a little somethin-somethin to remind us of how fabulous we truly are. We just received a little somethin from our fav lingerie company - Lucy B. The new Tabby Collection bra, g-string and marilyn panty will bring out your wild side (you know the one you kept hidden from your in-laws during their visit) - Meow!

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