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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Harried Husbands

We've had a lot of husbands in the store today who are thrilled when they find out that we offer complimentary gift wrap. We're even happy to wrap gifts purchased someplace else for a nominal fee.

Need some fabulous last minute gift ideas? The Curtsy Girls can help! Make yourself a hero by giving the girl in your life one of the amazing purses from Femme Sud. The Fame and Fortune Clutch is metallic gold lambskin - very ooh la la! The clutches are designed to look like a book and open up to reveal a surprise, like the Superstar Mirror and Glossary in the Fame & Fortune. Each design is part of a limited edition of 999 bags, so she probably won't be seeing anyone else carrying the same purse. We have 3 different designs, Fame & Fortune, Diary and Yearbook.

Not exactly sure what she would like? Jewelry from the Tarina Tarantino collection is always a sure bet. Whether she's into skulls, Hello Kitty, Barbie or something a little more conservative, Tarina has something for everyone. This Electro Cameo Mod Ring is sure to bring a smile come Christmas morning.

I have to end today's blog with a BIG THANK YOU to Stephanie and Linda, the owners of Unleashed Pawsabilities. Their store is 2 doors down from Curtsyland and is fabulous! During the holiday season, I have been having Curtsydog Snickers go to doggie daycare with Tony, one of the guys that works at Unleashed. He left to go out of town to today for Christmas and the Unleashed gals insisted that I let Snick dog come and hang out at their store. He's much happier over there where he can run around and it was a wonderful help to us.

For all those shoppers who just love the adrenaline rush they get from waiting until the very last minute, Curtsy Bella will be open tomorrow, Christmas Eve from 10AM - 5PM.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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