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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Office Space Fun

These days, us Curtsy Girls get to play store everyday.....hee hee!! However, we both have had corporate jobs in the past.....and remember straining to entertain one's lonely self while stuck in cubicle land. Which is why we searched far and wide this year to find fun and entertaining office-place amusements for those super-productive people you know. A best seller so far this season is definitely the Kill Timebook by Atypyk. This fantastic activity book, for those with too much time on their hands, contains endless creative "activities" that require only a pencil and a blank mind. It’s the cool way to doodle without breaking a sweat.

We know it can be tough during a meeting when you suddenly remember the most amazing piece of juicy office-gossip that you HAVE to tell your BFF co-worker....maybe the ex called last night or you finally decided on New Year's plans. Whatever the V.I.P memo may contain....get it across the table without disturbing the boss man using these pull-back car memo clips. Vrrrroooooooommmm!!!!

If you know someone who likes to shake things up at the office but is lacking creativity of late....we suggest the Office Memo Stickies which contain 50 hilarious pre-written and ready-to-post office prank stickies. A few examples...."Great news about the job! Take it!"....."Meet me at the water cooler in 5 minutes - I will tell you what everyone is saying about you after last night. A friend." And straight from Prank University, we now have Bad Behavior 101 Postcards. This pack contains an assortment of postcards that feature classic and cutting-edge pranks with graphic depiction on the front and brief instructions on the back. All surefire ways to create some excitement at the office!

Another thing we remember from the corporate world is how much you have to make your work stand out in order to get noticed apart from your coworkers. Abusive Office Stamps should do the trick. We have the "Complete and Utter Bullshit" and "This is F**king Urgent" versions. You're welcome!



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