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Friday, December 21, 2007

Gifts for the Beer Lover

So, everyone knows a true beer lover - right? What can you get them for the holidays that doesn't have LAME written all over it? Beer Bands by Fred are the perfect gift for the lager lover. These nifty little stretchy bands will help party guests distinguish their beer from someone else's. The set of 12 bands have descriptives such as "slut" "sex addict" and "anti-social" printed on them. The big question will be who gets which one?

What's more frustrating than picking up a six pack of fancy beer, arriving at your destination and finding out that the caps aren't twist off and no one has a bottle opener? The Beer Belly Belt will keep that frustration at bay. Great gift for the guy who always likes to come prepared.

For the beer lover who wants to increase their knowledge of their passion, BeerSmarts is a fun and informative way to accomplish that objective. There are 60 question and answer cards covering everything from barley to beer. Also included is a BeerTips Guide. This handy guide is overflowing with useful information on how beer is made, descriptions of various types of beers, famous breweries to visit around the world, and ideas on how to host a beer tasting. Salut!

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