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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cookie Decorating....Little I

Just got home from our annual Christmas cookie decorating shindig at my brother's house....a tradition Curtsy Mama started when we were kids. We all look forward to it every year.....the end cookie results seem to get more silly and naughty each year. The Most Creative Cookie Award goes to Greg this year...he took a handbag shaped cookie, turned it right-side-down, painted it to look like the top view of a toilet complete with a Playboy mag on top and a poo in the bowl. I am actually going to grant him the Ewwwwwwww Cookie Award as well. We also used the fabulous ABC (Already Been Chewed) cookie cutters from Fred this year which have been a best seller this holiday season for Curtsyland and were a hit at the party. You can imagine where the minds of silly boys go when they have a maimed gingerbread man cookie and oodles of colored frosting to go wild with.

So......more stocking stuffer and girlfriend gift goodness to tell you about! We are now carrying the fabulous Mirror Mints by Little I. We have the Personality range which includes Flirt, High Maintenance, Hottie, Cute, and Spoiled Rotten. I imagine you all have a girlfriend who falls into one of these categories....very cute way to ensure your fav girly girl always has fresh breath and a mirror to apply her lipstick!

Little I also makes adorable sachets. My favorite ones look like itty bitty bras and are filled with the sweetest scent beads. They come in all sorts of cute materials including leopard, pink polka dots, black lace with little diamonds, etc. They also make tiny handbag shaped sachets which are all pink and black embellished with jewels and sequins. And last but not least, we have tiny corset shaped sachet key rings. Love!!!



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