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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tweens and New Year's

Fabulously busy weekend in Curtsyland!! Still recovering from the stocking stuffer party.....I believe I have finally found all remaining cupcake crumbs hiding on the sales floor!! And now that all the stocking stuffer goodness we were hiding from you in the backroom has been unveiled....I can finally tell you about some of it! It has been killing us not spilling to you all the fab things we found. One of my favorite new lines we are carrying is Molly 'N Me, who makes wonderful products for those hard to shop for tweens. We have adorable pieces from their Queenie line.....little handbags, compact mirrors, ring holders, and photo clips.

Molly 'N Me also makes fun body products.....a best seller has been the Tattoo Body Pens and the super large gem rings filled with yummy lip gloss. And my absolute favorite girly girl piece from Molly 'N Me is a headband with a frilly marabou crown topped with plastic gems.....too freakin' cute!!

I put out some fantastic New Year's goodies today from our favorite party company Tops Malibu.......we have bouquets of party horns which make a great hostess gift or party favor for your guests. Sparklers are an absolute must for New Year's...we have cute packages of 2008 sparklers. Also from Tops Malibu, New Year's surprise balls!! The surprise balls have over 100 ft of crepe paper, in which surprises and gifts spill out of each layer as you unwind. The Captain and I got tickets to the big bash at EMP....we have heard good things about it so hopefully it will be fun. I found a dress today that I may die if I do not have to ring in the new involves oodles of ostrich feathers!!!!



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