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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Goodbye Halloween.....Swello Holidays!!!!

All Halloween goodies are gone and holiday goodness is on its way! I am so excited to transform Curtsyland into a Holiday wonderland I can hardly stand it! It will still be a few days before I get everything out....I wanted the store to be non-holidayish tomorrow as we have photographers from Seattle Magazine coming(!!) and I am guessing the issue wont be out 'til next year.

We received oodles of new styles of our jeweled business card cases and purse holders. I love love love these business card cases....I use them when going out at night while carrying a i.d. and credit cards fit perfectly in them. The purse holders are a must to always carry around in your handbag. There is nothing worse than having to set your purse on a nasty restaurant floor....the hook just hangs on the side of the table and you hang your handbag on it. We also received contact lens cases, manicure sets and pill boxes with the same designs.

Oh how I wish my feet were itty bitty things so they could fit in our new Shaggies!! These adorable little booties come in pink or blue and have a non skid bottom. So cute for the little ones to wear on those freezin' cold days and nights in store for us!



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