Adventures in Curtsyland!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Apologies for a sans blog Sunday! I had a bit of a traumatic all began with an eyelash curler incident. It is kind of a blur...but something either startled me or I just twitched....and my hand twisted while clamping down harder on my pretty lashes. I now have about 3 eyelashes remaining on my left eye. No blood - just pain and bloody murder screams waking the Captain up. And then I f***ing threw away all the lashes without making a single wish!! I figure I am due about 236 wishes from the Eyelash Fairy. Luckily I always have a good supply of faux eyelashes, and managed to find a pair sans jewels, sequins, or other embellishments. I have no idea how long it takes eyelashes to grow back though. I fear my makeup routine will conclude with glue into the New Year....

The Captain agreed to help me out at Curtsyland for the day as Curtsy Mama was off. The project I needed him to do right away was hang all of our new prints from Forever Mick & Keith. I am so excited to be stocked up with these again...the front of the store has been looking a bit bare and I LOVE their designs. The whole project ended up being a bit painful though. One of the series of prints feature a big beautiful eye with loads of lushes lashes over a mascara wand. Of all the days!!!!! All this while I have to keep reapplying my f*** falsie because the glue I have is terrible. All the new designs are beautiful of my favs has a cute girl smoking a ciggie with glasses that read Rebel Rebel across them!

We closed a bit early so the Captain and I with my little bald eye could head to the Footy awards dinner. We realized soon after getting there that there were actually 14 rookies that joined the Seattle Grizzlies this year....the Captain had guessed earlier there were only three ;-) So no rookie award came home with us last night....but I feel an MVP is in our cards for 2008 ;-)



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