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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Back to Work!

Veronica is back in the AZ.....I already miss my BFF!!! We had a fabulous time while she was visiting.....oodles of great memories! Glad to be back in Curtsyland though. The pile of boxes was getting so big that Curtsy Mama and Snickers were getting trapped in the back room.....and the store had way too many holes on the sales floor from Halloween sale goodies getting snatched up. The Captain spent the afternoon helping us get caught up.....we heart extra hands ;-) I got all of the remaining Halloween goodies consolidated on the sales floor....everything will be out until Monday. If you haven't stopped thinking of those amazing beaded spider webs or spooky skull and spider votives....hurry in!

I put out some new Rosanna goodness today. One of the holiday collections is titled Caffe Italia. The espresso set, dessert plates, and melamine tray feature a montage of espresso elements photographed by Rosanna herself. A gorgeous way to present your yummy desserts and after dinner drinks to your guests over the holidays!

I also got some of the new Sailor Jerry stuff out....which Curtsy Mama gave you a sneak peak of the other day. My favs are the new shower curtain - loaded with some of Sailor Jerry's finest works. I also think one of the ship messenger bags needs to find a way home with me.....

Curtsyland will be closing a bit early tomorrow......just a half hour - 4:30. Curtsy Mama is taking a much deserved day of fun with a friend. The Captain and I need to be at his Footy awards dinner by 5.....keep your fingers crossed for Rookie of the Year ;-) Enjoy the extra hour of sleep tonight....The Captain and I certainly need it after four nights of partying!



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