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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

To Be Marie or Not To Be??

I had decided that for Halloween this year, I was going to wear my peacock costume again as the Captain and I didn't end up doing anything last year after work. But then I came across a fabulous Marie Antoinette costume....and I am obsessed!!! I haven't decided for sure as it is expensive and does not include the wig or petticoat. But if I do go the way of would give me a chance to rock some of the new fall Tarina Tarantino baroque and pearl pieces as they would perfectly complement the costume! We already have oodles of the gorgeous TT pearl pieces....single and triple pearl drop earrings with crystal posts, also bracelets in two different pearl sizes, all in pearly white, pink and blue. I also think the new black Baroque Skull earrings would be perfect with the costume, but we are anxiously awaiting the delivery that will include those. What to do...what to do??!? Veronica is going to be a Beer Maiden, complete with a beer mug purse!!! She will be at Curtsyland on sure to stop by and get some yummy treats from us!!!

The Captain was on the news this morning!!!! He recently joined an Australian Rules Football League.....aka Footy. King 5 news did a feature on them....The Seattle the boys are off to Louisville this weekend to compete in Nationals!!!!! Please send them some down under winning wishes!!! I will update you on their progress...they have lots of games scheduled starting Friday. I am betting they will kick ass and make it to the finals on Sunday!!


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