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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Flying Solo Today

We have 2 new t-shirts at Curtsy Bella, not something we normally carry, but we just couldn't resist! Shoe Whore and Have Baggage Will Date are the perfect girlfriend gifts. We ALL know someone who absolutely needs to be wearing one of these shirts - right? For instance (not to talk trash about her) Danielle is the perfect candidate for the Shoe Whore tee. She's my daughter and I love her, but we've gotta face the facts, she's got a serious shoe fetish!

Speaking of Danielle...she has the Curtsy crud! She really thought she was going to be able to avoid the bug that seems to be going around town right now. She's a really healthy eater, and takes great care of herself, but she still got bitten and sounds horrible. Even though we're mother and daughter and work together every day, the store's just not the same when she's gone. For one thing, I have to replenish and refresh the displays when I sell things and we all know how that goes!

My friend Pam has an extra ticket to the Seattle Symphony tonight and has invited me to tag along. My son Josh (one of the infamous Curtsy Boys) is coming in to close for me, but he has a 6:30 rehearsal, so we'll be closing at 6 tonight. Tomorrow - we'll be open our normal Friday hours 10AM - 7PM.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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