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Friday, September 28, 2007

Saints & Sinners

I've had quite the night life this week! I think I've mentioned that my son, Josh, is a musician in Seattle and actually has 4 different bands that he plays in. So on Monday night his main band Change Versus Comfort played a gig at the High Dive in Freemont. I always love the bouncers who still card me - I'm sure they have orders to card everyone, but it still makes me feel good! Last night two of the other bands he's in played at Fuel in Pioneer Square.These gigs don't start until usually 9:30, so I've been a little bleary eyed in the mornings this week. No complaints though, I wouldn't trade all the sleep in the world for a chance to listen to the bands and hang out with all these "kids" I've watched grow up.

Are you a Saint or a Sinner? If you're like me, it all depends on your mood! These necklaces arrived today and will help you let everyone know exactly how you're feeling! The Saint necklace has tiny little pearls adorning the chain - cute, fun, flirty. The Sinner has deep red roses to match that perfect red lipstick you've been saving for a night on the town.

So you're all dressed up and ready to go, but don't forget a little something for the guy in your life. We received a great new shipment of cufflinks today. These Sex With A Twist beauties will let em know what you're really thinking (you probably sould be wearing that Sinner necklace when you give these)!

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Mary Jo


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