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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Prize Possessions

So sorry! Yesterday I was so busy cleaning up the aftermath of Curtsy Mama being alone at the store for a few days that I never got around to doing the blog! Tee hee...just giving my Mama a hard time ;-) We make a great team and are both good at what we do.....she does all the smart stuff at Curtsyland and I do all the creative......but struggle when we have to survive alone!!

The Captain just got back in town after being away for Army for a few weeks. On Sunday, we drove up to Leavenworth for the day. We had lots of fun! We did a few wine tastings, got old-time Bavarian photos taken, and found a very authentic German restaurant for dinner. I was wearing one of our Jessica Grindstaff prize ribbons and got compliments everywhere we went!! I have an out of control obsession with prize ribbons right now. It all started when we discovered Jessica Grindstaff ribbons and knew we had to have them for the store! They are satin ribbons that come in lots of gorgeous colors and three sizes. Each has an unexpected medallion in the center.....a skull and crossbones, cobra, swan, tiger, an anchor among others. They are unique and unusual and elicit great conversations!

We just received some new prize ribbons as well! There are some that are pink and black with jeweled crowns in the center, and on the tail is printed Queen, Tres Magnifique, or Bohemian. There is a ribbon for the Bride-to-be that is cream and blue with a jeweled Cinderella carriage in the middle and says Happily Ever After. We also got Halloween ones that are orange and black with jeweled skulls that say Trick-or-Treat or Bohemian.

Anyways.....guess what I found as a souvenir from Leavenworth for Curtsy Mama and the oh-so-stinky Curtsy Dog?? A Doggie Fart Extinguisher!!!! Our adorable Curtsy Dog is an old guy who has a not-so-adorable old guy gas problem (Snickers will actually be 12 years old on October 13th!) I think we need to start carrying these extinguishers in the store just so we will never be without one again....



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