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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Through the Boxes...

After a week of getting buried by UPS, we are finally making some headway on the stack of boxes in the backroom. We have received in the new Kokeshi Bead Waterfall Necklace by Tarina Tarantino. Part of the Tokyo Hardcore Collection, this dramatic necklace features hanging pendants with handpainted porcelain beads resembling traditional Japanese kokeshi dolls along with silver and gold beads and an "I Love You" cameo charm. So Tarina, so cool!

I went to the 5th Ave Theater last night to see the new musical Lone Star Love. They explained at the beginning of the performance that it's debuting in Seattle prior to heading to Broadway. Each night they carefully watch audience reactions to the show. They also invite all in attendance to send in e-mail comments. They then make revisions based on the reactions and e-mails received. Audience members who want to see the progression of the show can attend again for $20 along with their ticket stub(space premitting). It was the absolutely perfect antidote to the stressful week at CB. A lot of laughs and some great music - Yee Haw!!!

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Mary Jo


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