Adventures in Curtsyland!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

We had mini Curtsy Girl Hunter helping us in the store this morning. She's the Captain's niece and we love her dearly! She helped me check in an order, unpacking the items, breaking down the boxes and entering everything into the computer. One of the items she unpacked was the awesome Multiple Choice Correspondence Book. The Fill in the Blank Greetings are sorted by categories such as Thanks, Staying in Touch, Congratulations, Regrets, Complaints, Termination,, Love and Et Cetera. Helps you stay in touch with a bit of humor and not a big time commitment!

The next box I unpacked had these uber cool beverage bottles. Sure to attract the attention of the hikers on the Burke Gilman, or wherever. Hook one of these bad boys onto your belt or pack and see what happens :)!

During the past several weeks the universe has thrown some huge curve balls at me and I've had some difficult things to go through in my personal life. When life tries to knock me down, I've learned to find some type of positive out of even the worst situations. These past several weeks have served as reminders that I have incredibly wonderful family and friends who can help me get through whatever is put in my path. And that, makes me the richest woman in town!

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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