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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Calling all Martini Queenies!!!

We finally received single martini glasses!! In the past, all we have had are sets of four martini glasses. We have had oodles of requests for your martini dreams have come true!!! They have crystallized bases and come in pink, purple, green, blue and zebra. If you happen to already own not-as-fabulous martini glasses.....not to worry. We now have marabou feather glass slips that will turn any martini, wine, or champagne glass from drab to fab! They come in a rainbow of yummy colors so you will know whose is whose at a party, and are velvet-soled so they also act as a coaster. If you are a wine lover.....we also just received wine bottle slips that perfectly compliment the glass slips....adorable hostess gift!!!

And since we are here at Curtsyland are dying-of-excitement for Halloween....we have already planned our Halloween party hostess gifts. We will be giving the booty-licious pirate wine bottle bag along with our new black wine glasses with crystal bases!! If you would like to receive these as a hostess gift....please invite us to your Halloween bash as we currently have no invites ;-) tee hee.....j/k....but I would love any suggestions on fabulous Halloween happenings. As I mentioned before, my best friend Veronica will be in town for Halloween and I want to have lots of spooky fun planned! This is only my second Halloween since moving to Seattle, and I don't recall doing anything last year besides dressing up like a peacock for work....



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